CUE provides a strong toolset for creating and sharing corporate or branded stories that go beyond the average article on the company website.

Build immersive online stories

Creating stories in CUE is like building with building blocks: you can use and re-use the same story elements to create different stories, different content formats, and different story versions for different channels. CUE enables you to:

  • Easily combine text, images, video, audio, and more into rich, engaging stories.
  • Create visual stories in an easy, efficient, and intuitive workflow.
  • Automatically adapt and distribute the same story to different channels.
  • Automatically customize stories to match different audience needs.

Create compelling publications

Convert your online content into a compelling printed company brochure with just a few clicks. The print planning and design tool in CUE offers:

  • Predefined page templates which allow everyone in the communications team to create beautiful pages – without being a graphic designer.
  • Free design functionalities for your custom-made feature pages.
  • Two-way integration – changes made in your print story are automatically updated in the stories on your other channels.

Go digital in a second

CUE gives you a wide range of opportunities for creating and sharing digital publications:

  • Basic e-publications
  • Enhanced e-publications with special designs and interactive elements
  • Freely designed digital publications with multimedia integrations.
  • A solid app framework for hosting your digital publications.

Video is a breeze

CUE empowers everyone in the communication team to work with video:

  • Videos can be shot on the fly and upload to the company website straight away.
  • Easy video editing and enriching, e.g. trimming, setting cue points etc.
  • Automatic transcoding of videos, no need for special formatting.

You never have to leave the CUE user interface environment to work with video content in your storytelling.