Articles for the company website, videos for social media, newsletters, company brochures, interactive publications. A palette of content like this usually requires work in least a handful of different applications.

CUE gathers everything in one place. As a brand experience platform, it enables your communications team to create and share content centrally, increasing team efficiency and boosting effectiveness of your corporate content.

Integrated content creation

Create once, share in a hundred different ways. This is the basic idea behind CUE.

Content creation in CUE is based on independent content elements which can be combined, shuffled around, and replaced as you want. Instead of creating or repurposing texts, images, and other assets every time you need to version a story for a new channel, you simply build every story version from the same set of content elements. Just like building with LEGO bricks.

Share content anywhere

CUE lets you share content across channels in a native format with just a few clicks. Websites, newsletters, SoMe, and more: your content is automatically adapted to fit each specific channel. No need for rewriting texts or redesigning layouts. CUE makes sure that the right content elements are used for the right channels.

Accelerate collaboration

CUE facilitates and accelerates collaboration across larger organizations.

Throughout the content creation process, team members can see the status of each individual assignment and follow the progress of the overall workflow. Icons highlight when an assignment is done or when action needs to be taken by specific team members.

CUE creates transparency in complex content creation processes with many sub-tasks and many stakeholders involved.