On 11 April 2019, CCI Europe welcomed Hamburg-based DC into the family of companies, which have developed the CUE publishing platform. CCI has acquired full ownership of DC, which will now join the existing collaboration between CCI and its other subsidiary company, Escenic, in the development of CUE.

Growth journey
The acquisition of DC is the next step in CCI’s growth journey that is driven by the CUE publishing platform.

In the last six months, CCI has received orders for CUE installations from several large media companies, such as The Economist, Polish broadcaster TVN, and German news publishersDer Tagesspiegel, Handelsblatt, Badische Neueste Nachrichten, and Ippen Verlagsgruppe, with more orders in the pipeline. CCI is experiencing strong interest from organizations who are looking for a partner and a platform to drive their digital transformation.

Industry-leading DAM platform
DC is known worldwide for its industry-leading DC-X digital asset management platform. The DC-X DAM enables media companies to manage diverse content assets such as pictures, text, and videos in a central content repository, and to integrate external sources, such as RSS feeds and agency wires, into their content creation workflow.

DC-X will continue as a stand-alone digital asset management solution but will also be added as a native component of CUE to provide a robust and coherent publishing platform and an even better user experience across both solutions. DC’s entry into the CUE family also strengthens the team behind the development of CUE.

“Joining the CUE family is a natural next step in DC’s future development. Our customers are increasingly focused on tools and systems that can help them drive their digital business forward. CCI has a best-in-class publishing platform in CUE which offers a strong solution to the digital transformation challenge,” says Ole Olsen, CEO of DC.

Boosting innovation
DC’s new role as part of the CUE family will be similar to that of Escenic, the Oslo-based CMS software company, which was acquired by CCI in 2013. DC will continue to operate as a separate company with own products and customer base, collaborating closely with CCI and Escenic for future developments.

“Welcoming DC to the CUE family means an extra boost to our innovation power. The DC team is second-to-none when it comes to digital asset management solutions and we look forward to learning from and evolving with them,” says Dan Korsgaard, CEO of CCI.

For further information, please contact Jacob Gjørtz, Vice President Marketing at CCI, at +45 30 84 40 30 or jgj@ccieurope.com.