Monetization of content is essential for business success for today’s publishers. The analytics module in CUE Magazine Suite allows you set and track goals across publication platforms to ensure the profitability of your content and efficiency of your operations.

The analytics module also enables you to track all aspects of your publishing operations and tailor the reporting 100% according to your needs, from a high-level overview to detailed metrics on channels, content, and users.

Among other things, the analytics module helps you to:

  • Increase production efficiency, e.g. by tracking templated design versus new design, identifying peak work hours etc.
  • Identify hidden potential, e.g. by measuring time on task, waiting times between states, and benchmarking across time.
  • Optimize sharing and re-use of content by tracking when and where content is being reused or shared across multiple platforms.

Based on the exported data from the system, the analytics module delivers relevant, ready-made analyses of statistical data as intuitive graphic dashboards.

CUE Magazine Suite can also be integrated with your existing legacy or 3rd party analytics and data collection tools, giving you an even broader overview of your publishing business.

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