Increasing your brand offering from print to digital is only a few clicks away. With CUE Magazine Suite you employ the same tools for digital publications as for print products. Your team does not have to learn new skills to publish digitally. Digital simply becomes an integrated part of the existing planning and production workflows. You don’t even have to use extra resources as digital replicas can be created automatically.

If you are aiming to grow your audience engagement, CUE Magazine Suite offers a number of different ways to enhance your digital brand experience, e.g.:

  • Enriched digital replicas with a wide variety of widget-based content enhancement opportunities.
  • Custom-designed native digital magazines with no creative limitations.

CUE Magazine Suite also supports the monetization of your digital publications. In addition to placing interstitial ads between your content pages, CUE Magazine Suite provides a plug & play app framework that enables you to:

  • Launch anything from a kiosk portal to a single-branded app.
  • Tailor the consumer journey by customizing the look and feel of the portal or app.
  • Integrate your digital publication into your existing subscription system and set up different subscription models.
  • Enable in-app purchases and integration to e-commerce.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for Magazines