Integrated Content Creation

Create once, share in a hundred different ways. This is the basic idea behind CUE.

Content creation in CUE is based on independent content elements which can be combined, shuffled around, and replaced as you want. Instead of creating or repurposing texts, images, and other assets for every new marketing material, you simply build your whole campaign from the same set of content elements. Just like building with LEGO bricks.

Omnichannel experience management

Creating and managing an omnichannel marketing experience usually takes a lot of resources. With CUE, you just have to focus on creating your basic marketing content once, then the system does the rest.

CUE lets you share content across channels in a native format with just a few clicks. Websites, newsletters, SoMe, display ads, print ads, and more: your content is automatically adapted to fit each specific channel. No need for rewriting texts or redesigning layouts. CUE makes sure that the right content elements are used for the right channels. Result: a consistent omnichannel marketing experience in which each channel delivers maximum impact.

Brand management

Consistency is key to building a strong brand. CUE helps you manage every element in your brand communications.

Style guides, creative asset toolkits, and template libraries are centrally stored in the system and automatically serve as a foundation for every new marketing project. Different brand managers, creatives, and even external partners can all work from the same pool of brand elements to make sure that your branding is consistent across channels and markets.

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